Thursday, March 17, 2011

THA WARRIOR KING ( kage a.k.a Ebubedike)

Andy Ndubisi Nwandu ( kage a.k.a Ebubedike) is not a new name in the nigerian hip hop scene.. Dropped his first single " Test Me " in 2004.. Ever since he has been wadding thru the storms n perils of life.. In 2007 he was nominated in the hip hop world awards for jaiye aboderin's next rated category. That same year he did a television advert for globacom...  This versatile man is also a voice over artist, actor, song writer and artist. A lot of people have been askin and demandin for his debut album ( which has taken him so long ) last year, he did his album listening party. Kage has done nothing less than 80 collaborations.. His debut album which was titled " I am Ebubedike" was withdrawn fm the market when he discovered there were too many ". I am's".. Just added 5 more songs on the already sizzlin hot album.. He has changed the name of the album to " gOD M.c"
With production skillz frm Ojb jezreel, Wole Oni, Big Lo, Willy willz, Cyko kid, Rymzo.., Id Cabasa,  And E twinz..  The album wld be relaeased under his Outfit " WARRIOR ENtERTAInMENT" his radio banger ,Nollywood super star is currently enjoying air play.. This year, This Abia State ( ohafia ) son is not playin!!  He says " rappers have dis respected me for long.. I have been too quiet... " Even. M.I had to ask Djinee if it was SAFE to come at me" one of his many controversial punch lines on the album.  A song titled (Gbege)
Brace ur self for the Raps high. Priest.. Ebubedike the warrior King is taking his place as the " gOD M.C"         
feel free to download "Nwanyi Oma " feat Toscar and Queenzy   and gOD mc

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