Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TAY MOS ------- Afro Pop artist based in London/Nigeria

Tay Mos is one stimulating artist that blends contemporary soul with Afro-Pop.
His roots can be traced back to Apapa, Lagos Nigeria, where he recollects fondly the days when his parents used to drive him and his sibling out for weekly choir practise. There, he learnt quite a lot and his interest in melody and catchy hooks developed naturally. He also started listening to artist like Telvin Campel, Boyz II Men, Sting, King Sunny Ade and Stevie Wonder who have been strong influences on his work ever since.
On returning to London as a young adult, he enrolled for a number of courses at the London Contemporary College of Music and Vocal Tech. He learnt from the best with renowned tutors Yak Bondy (Annie Lennox, Mark Morrison, Erykah Badu...), William Lester, Iain Mackenzie (Ronnie Scott's vocal lead) and Kim Chandler.
He developed back then a unique combination of high pitched sound, vitality and edginess, a mix very soon flourishing to become the core of his style.
With a vibrant character and a sense of fun, Tay Mos brings to you
a new infectious single Fallen (o nana) , an exciting mix of Pidgin English set to a soulful, afrobeat flavour.
Tay Mos has worked with some of Nigerian's top producers Jeremiah Gyang and Tee Y Mix.
So stay tuned for more info !  
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  1. really feeling TayMos Boss! has to be Bakrin.

  2. Nice, great sound. Afro pop cool artist