Thursday, July 7, 2011

Az'Luv aka Mr KaKu


Az'Luv aka Mr KaKu aka Obey Jo is a multi-talented musician, a model, actor, song writer and performer. Born Afeez Johnson to the family of Mr&Mrs Johnson in the 80's.
He kicked off his music career at the age of eight years old at his local church in Lagos state,Nigeria.And has since then been singing.

Az’Luv grew listening to the likes of Bob Marley, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and Michael Jackson and they influenced his musical career. The year 2009 marked his first breakthrough, when he released the track called ''KEBULO'' which was a soundtrack to the movie ''THE BOY FROM AFRICA'', followed by tracks like ''FEELING YOU GIRL'',''IS MY TIME'',
He is also a sound engineer and also a good music producer. He has performed at various events like the D'Eclipse club SE5 0EZ, London, Methodist Hall, Manchester for the Nigeria@49 Independence, Alexandra Palace, London for the Nigeria@50Independence (Hosted by The Nigerian High Commissions UK) and Trafalgar square, London at the Nigeria@50 alongside other UK and International artists.
He enjoys listening to music, writing songs, playing computer games and keeping fit for relaxation. For further updates feel free to check him out on
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Get used to the lyrics KaKu!...:::OBEY JO!!!
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