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Cisca Biography
AGE:  27
PROFESSIONAL WORKS: In 2001 she took part in the commonwealth beauty pageant and finished at the top 20 slot. Later years later in 2005 she got involved with Amstel Malta Box Office but didn’t qualify. Later Big Brother Nigeria came in 2006 and she was selected. Wrote for Revista, an international magazine based in Ghana.

She’s Got Loads of Talents in Her Kitty
Delta born Francisca Owumi, stage named Cisca is a multitalented person who’s been into TV presenting, writing for magazine, supporting NGOs, fashion designing and now wants to take her childhood passion of music more seriously.
“I am a very talented person. I could go into music, acting, I can do anything. But you have to be sure what it is you want.” This is Francisca Owumi for you. You get the feeling that she’s bold and sure of whom she is while you are with her. “I am not trying to be somebody else or please anyone, I just want to be me.” Shy according to her but animated as well. While chatting, do not expect the well mannered, boring, top-of-the-world attitude you get from most celebrities. She would get into some acting spontaneously, from time to time, laughing and brightening a rather dull office atmosphere.
Her dynamic personality could be from her selection of musicians she models after. At a time she looked up to Alicia Keys. “When Keys started, her first album blew my mind.” At a time Francisca would burst into singing Keys songs at home and have her mother tell her to calm down and remember she was not on stage. “I go bunkers when I listen to John Legend. Brandy too. I can sing Brandy from the first to the very last track.” Now Beyonce and Lady Gaga are artistes she constantly listens to.
They definitely have had to influence her kind of music, pop. “I sing pop; that is me.” But then she also understands the makeup of Nigerians, her primary audience. For Nigerians, part of being the happiest people in the world, is the love for dancing. Nigerians want to listen to music in the car and be able to move their body. And so for Francisca, this Nigerian attitude is influencing her music. “I want to sing songs that make people happy and they can relate to, either young or old.”
She’s always had a background for music but didn’t take it seriously. The trigger to do so came when she watched Beyonce’s stage performance. Always has been a fan of Beyonce. “Not that I worship Beyonce like some of my friends, I just love her passion and enthusiasm; it’s amazing. Watching her come on stage each time, made me decide that if Beyonce can do this why then can’t I.” Her mind made up, she went into music with the initial nervousness. Eventually her confidence grew and now she sings and has fun. “It is not like I want to be unserious, but I think you should have fun in what you do.”
Music with Francisca began when she was young. She used to be very close to her pastor who always said to her “You this girl go and join the choir”. 10 years old and shy girl she eventually joined when she found the courage. After some years in the choir as a child, she decided to give school her full attention while nurturing an opportunity when she would be back to singing. Now she is but not in the choir. She is not going into gospel music because according to her, “It is not my calling.” As an all rounder, a musician and dance freak, she feels she cannot bring her dance freak drama into gospel. “There is this much that the pastor can take from you. I am very extreme, and love to explore different things.”
In 2001 she took part in the commonwealth beauty pageant and finished at the top 20 slot. Later years later in 2005 she got involved with Amstel Malta Box Office but didn’t qualify. “It was all about the adventure for me.” Reason why after a degree in English she did her Masters in Accountancy. Later Big Brother Nigeria came in 2006 and she was selected. While in the house, she was known to burst into singing. “Music is a passion for me. I may be shy but when it comes to music, nothing can hold me back. Yes sometimes I used to get scared about peoples reaction to my singing, but the passion burns greater.”
She is a bunch of talents that includes acting, fashion, TV presenting, a passion for the youth and music. And did we forget to mention writing. “I love writing, just that I am lazy about it.” She may never get around to writing a novel but for music, she loves it that she writes her songs. “Music writing is what I have chosen. I write personal experiences into songs.” Only few people know that she used to write on relationship for Revista, an international magazine based in Ghana.
But everybody, or can we say those who have seen her dance knows she’s got the body for it. “Everybody knows me to be a dance freak as well. I have heard close friends tell me to open a dance school.” Plus she loves working with young people too. “Yes I like to discover myself but I love to discover young talents too.”
After sometime doing TV in South Africa, writing for an international magazine in Ghana and supporting a couple of NGOs, Francisca since after Big Brother Nigeria has decided to focus on her number one love, music. “I am coming in at this time, because I had to study what the industry is all about and how I can come in.” Currently under no record label, she is working big time to come out with lots of singles, with a number of them already finished. By the way, her mother is her number one fan, who she says, gives her over 150 percent support.

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