Monday, March 7, 2011


M.I and his record label, Chocolate City, have finally decided to put out the video for “Undisputed Champion”; a single that premiered here at the start of November 2010, before M.I 2 came out later that month. If my memory serves me right, this is M.I’s 3rd video ever (after “Crowd Mentality” and “Safe”).
The quality of this song/video maintains M.I’s status as the “undisputed champion” of commercial hiphop in Nigeria, and he has numbers to prove it. M.I 2 (The Movie) is billed for a UK Premiere/Tour (along with the Choc Boiz) sometime in April 2011. We’ll be bringing you guys detailed info on that very soon. U.S. fans aren’t left out as well; plans are already underway for an American tour later this summer. Be on alert for key dates.

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