Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Miss Eva Alordiah

Brand new single from arguably one of the best female emcees in Nigeria, Eva and this one is called “I Done Did It”. Press Release: Eva releases Brand New single off ‘the GIGO EP’. The track produced by Award winning Producer Sossick, is titled ‘I Done Did it’ . With a previous release off ‘the...

The beauty of music is that it is highly universal and at the same time, very diverse. Universal in the sense that everyone can relate to it and diverse in the sense that there are so many different genres and while Mr B is hot for a particular genre, Mrs B hates it completely. That being said, whether you are a rock head, a jazz fellow, a lover of the more traditional afro beat or a garage fan, you’ve got to give Miss Eva Alordiah her due. She is good at what she does.

Eva is a young Nigerian female emcee who hails from Delta State but grew up in Lagos. She started rapping at the age of 13 and decided to go professional at the age of 16.She recorded her first song at 20. When asked why she picked rap music above all the other genres, she said:
“Music is a way of expression for me. If I could do it any better by singing then I would but rapping comes naturally and it’s easier for me to relate to people through rap music”
She writes all her lyrics, is very eloquent and delivers her bars beautifully. I am sure she is one to watch out for and the thought of all the competition our music industry is gonna be experiencing gets me really excited.
As far as good female emcees in Nigeria are concerned, they are not many. A complete list would probably make the World’s Thinnest Book. Weird MC, Blaise, Kel, Zara, Sasha, Kemistry to name a few (if not all). I’m quite sure Eva is gonna be adding a leaf to this book.


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